Wednesday, February 21, 2007

saturday evening

argggggghhhh I was writing for more then 10 minutes when my firefox crashed...grrrrrr..
OK I'll come edit this post ASAP to rewrite all what was lost.. it is:

Saturday evening I invited some colleagues of mine: nice Dutch ladies !
I served them tapenade as appetizers

then a salade with mango: I used two types of salad: normal one and "rucola" which is a bit more spicy and gives a nice contrast with the sweetness of mango that I had baked quickly in honey. I seasonned with a vinaigrette made with balsamico, honey and olive oil and add some sesame seeds on top.
For the main dish I made something "simple" because I love the simple taste of fresh salmon just baked in the oven with "fleur de sel de Guerande" and rosemary (=romarin). I served it with rasped carottes and endives stirred fried in olive oil. A nice side dish that I stole from my flatmate: the contrast between the sweetness of carottes and the little bitterness of endives is great !
To finish I served fennel cookies. You can see the recipe on Clea's blog biscuits vanilles aux graines de fenouil. I put too much rice milk and then add some they were tasting a bit like some kind of typical Saint Nicolas cookies... I do not have a picture of them as my roomate finsihed them before I had chance to take one... but I baked some again the next day...with the right amount of rice milk and here is how they look like.

They were tasting different...though they were both good ;-)

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