Thursday, February 22, 2007

Recette des florentins

That looks really ugly on pictures but these stuffs are divine....

200g creme fraiche
200g honey (=miel)
200g sugar, I recommand to take white sugar if you are a beginner because then it is more easy to see when it turns into caramel.

Cook all of this in a pan (=casserole in french)
Do not stop stirring it up (=remuer) until it starts to be a blond caramel

Add a mix of 300g dried fruits (fruits confits + silvered almonds)
Ajouter un melange de 300g de fruits secs (fruits confits + amandes effilees)
Here I took full almonds that I put in the blender (if you had seen the price of 3 silvered almonds here, you'll understand) .... and actually that was also quite great !
oranges confites that I cut in really small pieces
and cherrys green/yellow/red for the color. What do you mean you never saw green cherrys ??? ;-)
it is better to warm this mix up a bit before adding it to the caramel.
(=ajouter le melange fruits secs + amandes legerement tiedi afin de ne pas faire grainer le caramel)

reheat it for a few moment = faites recuire quelques instants.

ok here at this point I realise I do not have the english try to follow ..any comments are welcome to help me correct !
you are gonna put that on this kind of cooking paper on a oven plate and with a teaspoon you put small amount of the dough on it WITH ENOUGH SPACE !
Me I always end up having a giant florentin that I will cut afterwards ;-)
= sur plaque du four, papier sulfurise beurre, avec cuillere a cafe deposer petit tas de pates (ESPACER SUFISAMENT)

put under the really warm gril for ~10 minutes.

remove them from the paper (Do not try to be greedy it is caramel so it is HOT!) and leave it cool down.

Then spread 200g melted chocolate (=chocolat fondu) with a knife on the flat side of the florentins and put that on cellophane (this plastic paper) for the shining effect!

OK next time I'll put on the recipe in french...this will be a good exercize for english speaking people ;-)

Enjoy !

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Estelle said...

Hi Nola, when you say it looks ugly, actually Americans would be very attracted because it looks like pizza and a kind of pasta with tomato sauce. But they don't recognise what is, it is not a reference!