Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I did it !

I finally created my blog..

Like its title is gonna be about foooood !
I saw so many excellent cooking blogs that I hesitated for long, but well I am in the last phase of my Phd and I need to cook to I would like to share it with you.

I love cooking. Since I live on my own, I always invited friends which gave me a good excuse to spend my afternoon cooking. This has been enhanced since I lived in the Netherlands. Most of the Dutch people think food is only a vital need.... and I took it like a challenge to always prepare them "handmade" food to make them change their mind and appreciate this moment of conviviality.

Posts will be either in french or english as I want my french friends to be able to read it quickly without zapping and my foreigner friends to be able to check it as well.

Well, please enjoy this blog and bon appetit!


Karin said...

Dear Nola,

Congratulations with your 'blog". Keep me posted for tasting experiments!

Barbara said...

Cooking is like painting : one has to experience to explain the sensation:
the blog with recipes and pictures will most surely help us!