Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"No smell" challenge

What ? yeah I know this title is a bit weird.. It could look like I wanna say I am normally cooking smelly things...but well it is something a bit different.

This evening I invited a nice colleague for dinner...but he can not smell (il n'a pas d'odorat).
So my challenge is to cook a dinner using a lot of different colors (even if we will eat with the candles ...well, just because there is no other lights in my living room...what are you gonna imagine!) and different textures, and still different sort of spices...

So here is the menu:
Apero: tapenade on whatever bread I will find I did not find my favorite one...and it is wednesday after work..I did not have time to bake one...
then a salade with tofu cubes from Clea cuisine

chicken curry with rice with spices

and in dessert.... florentins ;-)

I will come to update the recipes soon as well.
Now have to start cooking.

preparation of the tofu. They have been marinated the whole afternoon in soja sauce + garlic + ginger...and are now ready to be recovered of sesame seeds.

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Estelle said...

Oui, oui, oui, moi je me souviens de la recette de "poulet au curry" de Nola, j'y ai gouté il y a 5 ans. Il y a 2 raisons possibles pour se souvenir d'un plat gouté plusieurs années auparavant, cette fois-ci c'était une bonne raison ;o)